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Driving Programs

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A Different Approach to Preventative Training and Driving Instruction
Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles Approved Driver Improvement Course

Our Programs

Reckless & Aggressive Driver's Course
(approximately 4 Hour course)

Often Recommended by an Attorney before going to Court or as an addition to the 8-hour Driver Improvement Course to complete a 12-Hour Program.

English and Spanish available.


Driver Improvement Online
(timed 8 Hour Course)

DMV Approved 8-Hour Driver Improvement Program (aka Defensive Driving Course)

5-Safe Points for eligible students.
English and Spanish available.


If ordered to take a 12-Hour Course, you would take the 8-hour Driver Improvement in addition to the 4-hour Reckless & Aggressive Course to complete this requirement.

Please Contact Us with Scheduling Questions or Concerns!

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Our School's Mission

The ADAPT Program is here to provide our students hassle-free access to State-approved Driver Improvement and Aggressive Driver's Courses. Our goal is to educate our students on collision prevention techniques, driving laws, and what to expect when going to court for a traffic violation. 

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Student Testimonials

"Thank you so much for all you have done. I count myself fortunate that I took your class. You are such a wonderful resource. Thank you, in particular, for recommending my attorney. I've drawn my first easy breath in many months."

Fairfax County, VA

"After all the guilty cases were dealt with, the Judge gave the DA the opportunity to speak with me. After showing the DA all the documents I had obtained during and after my time in your Program, which I had copies of, she offered to reduce the charge to 74/55; this reduction made the charge a Speeding Ticket rather than a Reckless Misdemeanor.
Thank you so much for your help."

Mike O.
Fauquier County, VA

"Just wanted to let you know that your class helped me get my Reckless Speeding ticket reduced to a mere speeding infraction.
I was so happy when I left the court room. The letters posted in your classroom with attorney suggestions solidified my choice and my attorney made getting my charge reduced look so easy!"

Carlos G.
Fairfax County

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Call or Text: (703) 551 - 4011

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