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ADAPT Driving Program

The ADAPT Program is essentially a re-branding of one of the most respected Driving Schools in Northern Virginia, the A Safe Driver Program. Founded almost two decades ago, the A Safe Driver Program was the legacy of a remarkable woman, Ms. Laurie Taylor. In March of 2020, Ms. Taylor's son, Zachary Blair, was tasked with taking over her school and her life's work as her battle with a very aggressive terminal cancer came closer to an end. On October 30th, 2020, Ms. Taylor, my Mom, passed away peacefully in her bed, surrounded by those that love her.

In October of 2020, the ADAPT Program began as a continuation of my Mom's vision. We will continue to offer all of the courses that the A Safe Driver Program offered and expand upon my Mom's dedication to her students and her community. She has always believed in honesty and guidance for every individual that stepped foot into her classroom, and as we continue to try and figure out how best to survive and thrive in these changing-times, we will continue to evolve and expand our program to better serve our Students.

- Zach Blair


About Our School

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Zachary Blair
Instructor / Owner

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