Aggressive Driver's Course

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The Aggressive Driver's course is designed to be a course specifically for those going to Court for a more serious driving infraction. This unique course addresses the psychological aspects of why we drive in unsafe ways. It provides you with tools that help implement better driving behaviors and the skills learned in the Driver Improvement Class. 

This course is offered by ADAPT in an ONLINE ONLY format.
It is your responsibility to ensure an online course will satisfy your requirements..

The Aggressive Driver's Course is $90.00 with the ADAPT Program. Please call, text, or e-mail us with any Questions.

To Complete the Course, please follow the three steps below.

#1) Register and Pay for the Course. 
After Payment is Complete - RETURN TO THIS PAGE to proceed.

#2) Download and Complete the 20-Page course workbook from the Resources page below.
FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS. Failure to do so will cause delays in review.

Be sure to use complete sentences and well-thought answers.

#3) Complete the review video for the course.

#4) Once both workbook and video are completed, e-mail the completed workbook to to be reviewed.

Satisfactory answers are required. Please don't rush!